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Services at Sienna Crest Assisted Living & Senior Care

Care Specialists are the heart of Sienna Crest’s operation. Our Care Specialists truly care for and about our residents. Our goal is to treat each resident as though they are our loved one, parent or grandparent and to make them feel comfortable, secure and happy in their new home.

The philosophy of assisted living is key to the care provided at Sienna Crest:

  • Maintain Dignity
  • Encourage Independence
  • Respect Individuality

Residents have their own private rooms with a half-bath (some rooms have a full bath with walk-in shower) – which allows them to maintain their privacy and independence. Both their living space and bathrooms have help cords, so if and when they need assistance, Care Specialists are available.

Care Specialists are available 24-hours a day to assistant residents with their care, as needed. This includes:

  • Assistance with personal cares and activities of daily living from staff, for both scheduled and unscheduled needs (dressing, grooming, bathing);
  • Three meals per day plus snacks;
  • Medication administration so there isn’t the worry about remembering what time to take medications or how many of each pill to take;
  • Activities to nurture Resident's physical, emotional and social wellness;
  • Entertainment in the home as well as outings;
  • Monitoring health and involving the Resident’s physician as needed.

Alzheimer's Care

Patience, caring and creativity are skills needed to provide the right home environment for residents with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other related dementias. Staff receive on-going training on Alzheimer’s care so that they are able to meet the changing behaviors and needs of folks with AD.

Sienna Crest provides dedicated Alzheimer’s care in three homes: Fort Atkinson, Mineral Point and Oregon. The home is designed specifically to provide individuals with Alzheimer's Disease an environment that meets their needs. From our internal walking path, built-in activity centers and open bedroom/bathroom design, Residents find comfort in our home because they are able to maintain their dignity and independence with staff support. Our homes have courtyards that are secure so residents are able to enjoy the outdoors safely. When you visit our Alzheimer’s homes, you will have to ring the doorbell to come in, and ask for staff assistance when you leave. Our doors are locked and armed so we can help keep our residents secure.